I finally get it the beauty and grace of God, the true definition of salvation and divine justification, the magnitude of God's love when you realize he is the one always there for us. All we have to do is talk to him. He is always listening. He is the God of second chances. Knowing our infirmities in our flesh bodies His son already paid the price for a lifetime of mistakes. All we have to do is sincerely ask for forgiveness and like no earthly judge He not only acquits, he strikes it from the record as if it never happened. So let no man judge us and decide when we should no longer be guilty. Only God can judge. Let Jesus be our advocate. The only one to mediate for us is Jesus Christ. He is our priest. We need not follow these "traditions of men" that have turned the church into a country club for the "saved". These glorified leaders may disappoint you. Man will always disappoint, but God's love and grace is everlasting. He keeps his promises. Its so simple: believe and repent and be saved. Don't let any man complicate this. It is His words. Know the Word for yourself and He will give you "discernment" for the truth. If you love God ( he already loves you ) you will be obedient. Not obedience to be "righteous" as judged by men. Not obedience to obtain your "earthly blessings" but obedience because you love Him. When you love someone you want to please them with all your heart. But through obedience you are simply following the commandments that God established because He loves us. It is not a power play, although He is all powerful. Because He loves us He gave us the commandments and the statues as the ultimate guide for our earthly lives. His commandments reveal His love for humanity providing us directions that will protect us from our own actions that would ultimately harm ourselves. Therefore, if we love God we obey him. When we obey him we are loving ourselves. We are really loving humanity. We reap the benefits of a more abundant life on earth and a reservation for an eternal life free of earthly sorrows. A residence for our spirits free of our corrupt flesh to live on in glory with Him.

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